10 Successful Fashion Stores and UX Tricks You Can Use to Sell Clothes Online

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10 Successful Fashion Stores and UX Tricks You Can Use to Sell Clothes Online

Scroll down to the list of most successful fashion stores and use some of their UX tricks to sell clothes online!

There are plenty of well-designed, inspirational, and successful fashion stores. We’ve chosen 10 for their creative products, clean design, and great UX.

All websites use different strategies for their shopping cart, newsletter, landing page, and etc. They didn’t get this by chance. Instead, they’ve tested a few approaches before sticking to one formula.

Here are 10 successful fashion stores and their UX tricks you can use to sell clothes online:

  1. Zalando: Minimalistic design that showcase the brands and product categories. The site offers free delivery and returns.
  2. Asos: The site is integrated with social media channels while the widgets are located in the footer not causing any complications or pressure to the visitor.
  3. Select: They successfully highlighted the word “Sale” to attract the attention of their visitors. The interface is well-designed and the delivery rates are visible at the right corner.
  4. Misguided: Discount codes and coupon codes make the process of building a list of subscribers quite simple. The theme of the website is absolutely lovely.
  5. Next: The A-Z list makes it super easy for users to search and shop. The header is easily accessible.
  6. Pretty Little Thing: The website looks amazing, they have a broad collection of models, and the PLT blog is a pretty smart idea.
  7. Beyond Retro: If you are interested in selling vintage clothing, this is the perfect website to take as an example. This is one of the most hipster clothing stores on the web. In the About page, you will find a description of company’s goal and vision.
  8. Fashion Bunker: This brand greets you with 15% off on first purchase for subscribing to the newsletter. There are lots of filter options and the design is clean and simple.
  9. Style Keepers: The feature “New Arrivals” helps customers find the latest collections available without having to browse through products they have probably seen or bought. The contact button is on the left side while Instagram and Facebook buttons are on the right side.
  10. Tony Boutique: The designer brands are the main focus and it is evident once you open the website. The store has a clean and neat interface.

Finding the right approach is a matter of time! We hope these successful stores can help you out!

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